Sweet and Yummy Accessories by Sheryl Ng


Here are a few testimonials from happy Pinc Stuff customers:

Hi Sheryl,
I got my bracelet today and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much! -Lindsay

Hi Sheryl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just received my necklaces! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pleased with them, everthing is really adorable and I love the free cookie charm! Watch out for me because i'll be shopping again soon! You are one TALENTED girl Sheryl. Loads of Thanks, Kimmy xoxo P.S The little bag you put the necklaces in is lovely! Thanks again! x

Hi Sheryl, I just received my pinc stuff today and I absolutely LOVE IT! It is so adorable and I really like the cute little pouch. Thanks again for the sweet note and I look forward to ordering more pinc stuff in the future.  From Jessica ^-^

I've received your package! Thank you very much! It's very cute =) -Fiona W.

Yay! Sheryl! My order came today! My overly exuberant use of exclamation points is meant to express my excitement! (I think I'm out of 'ex' words...) Thank you so much! The mini-mallow charm bracelets are the best things ever, and my friends will love their Bella bracelets. And I LOVE my bonus gift. It's the best, you're the best, Pinc Stuff is the best. Thank you! -Jennifer G.

thanks sheryl! i received it a few weeks ago! i LOVE it! my aunt complimented on it the other night :) im sure i'll be buying some more things from you soon! Colleen F.

Hey!! I have my order! all is fine and VERY CUTE!!! Thanks!!!:-) -Jennifer R.

I got the order yesterday. Everything is lovely! Thank you so much. -Naomi P.

I just got my earrings and ring with little cakes on them, and i love them, they are so cute. -Pernille P.

Thank you SO much!! I just received my order on Monday, the items were just as I hoped they would be, I gave a few of them to my co workers....WE are having a cupcake party on the second of April, so I will take some pix and send them.....Thank you Again Sincerely Audrey

they're here! and we LOVE them!" -Jennifer W.

Hi Sheryl! Thank you soo much for the items, they are soo lovely. I am definately going to be ordering a lot more stuff soon so this is not the last you have heard from me :) -Prety

Hi Sheryl, I received my order today and just wanted to say a BIG BIG thank you. They are just adorable :) . I noticed you put my key chains on your web page for everyone to enjoy. I'm wearing my love dessert bracelet today. I'm keeping my mini egg bracelet for Easter. -Leah

Hi Sheryl! I just received all 4 keychains yesterday! It was a total surprise because I didn't think I'd get them so soon! Thank you, thanks you, thank you! Wanted to let you know that I think the keychains are wonderful, and that you are a total sweetheart. :D -Xing

i had ordered a pink hot cocoa necklace and earring set from you a little bit before christmas and i love love love it! and i just wanted to let you know that ive gotten several compliments on it.

My best friend Olivia purchased a stabucks necklace with a heart for me for my 16th birthday. I received this yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it, its amazing. You are truly talented and the thought put into each piece is exceptional. I've had sooo many comments on the necklace its one of my favourite possessions and I will be making sure to place an order for other pieces with my birthday money. Thank you, zoe xxx

Dear Sheryl, My bracelet came today it it is AMAZING!!!! If I want to order another charm to add to the bracelet would you sell clip on charms??? -Thanks Elena (i do!!)

I just wanted to say a quick thank you. My package arrived today and my marshmallows are AWESOME! they look just like I pictured them. You are super talented keep up the great work. I will definitely continue to do business with you and I can't wait to see your new line for pinc stuff =D -Michelle S.

I received my purchases on Friday, Just wanted to say thank you for the order and and additional cookie :) Its adorable Im sure my sisters will love them :). I'll be ordering again, soon. Thank you :D. -Priya.

I just got my order in the mail today and they are soo AWESOME!!! I absolutely love both the charms and the marshmallow cellphone charm was super cute thank you for the gift, you are so nice! I will definitely continue to do business with you in the future. -Michelle

Hi Sheryl! Just want u to know I just received the ring I ordered from u. I like it soooo much it`s so cute! :) I am now thinking of ordering another one, perhaps a bracelet. I will inform u soon. Thanks so much I am really satisfied with the product! God bless! :) -Joan from Norway

Hey Sheryl! Just wanted to let you know that I got my necklace today and I LOVE it! :) Thanks so much. -Crystal Q.

I got the package yesterday! ...they are SOOooo0o0o0 cute! thank-you I love them very much, you are very talented! Thanks! -Angie H.

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful "cameo" order I received from you.  It was for my granddaughter and I saw her wearing it Sunday and it looked sooooooo nice on her.  Many thanks for your effort.  -Jean

Thank you so much for the charm! It's amazing and I love it!!
I love what you do and I hope your business expands some more! (: I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. -Thank you, Michelle N.

i wanted to let you know that i received it this saturday! yay! thank you!!! so love the items. my daughter will be so happy to rcv for xmas. thanks again. will be getting more stuff in the future for sure. you were so sweet, kind and thoughtful with your note and your immediate responses....thank you so much for that (that rarely exist nowadays). -Nora G.

I just wanted to let you know that I got my cupcake necklace today, and it's perfect! Thank you so much! and thanks for the candy cane charm- it's really cute! Thanks again, Katie

I just wanted to send a quick little thank you! I love the ring so much it looks better then I imagined and the candy cane is adorable! Thank you so much it was great doing business with you and I'm looking forward to future purchases :) Thanks again! -Sarah M.

Got my ring yesterday - it's fab!! Thanks a mill!! Really didn't expect to get it so soon, esp with the time of year!! And thanks so much for the candy-cane pendant - it's sooo cute!!! -Dee x

We got the charms.  Soooo cute!  My daughter will love them!  Thanks! -Fiona

I just got my stuff yesterday, and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!!! It is so cute and thank you for the candy cane. Thanks Sheryl so much. - Serena D.

I would just like to say that I just got my order and I love it! Thanks for all your hard work! -Christina

Oh My Gosh! I absolutly LOVE my peace and love charm!!! :) Sheryl is SO nice and talented, and it got here in a little more than a week, and thats quick saying shes located in Canada and me California. I love and I told all my friends! Hope you order something too! SUPPORT PINCSTUFF.COM!! ;)  -luv, alyssa

I just got my creamsicle necklace a couple days ago. Thanks soooo much! It's soooo cute, and also thanks for the chocolate chip cookie :) -Erin

Just to let you know the stuff I ordered for my sister came, and I'm absolutely chuffed with them!!! The pallette and brush turned out so well!!! And thanks for the free cookie!!! Will def be ordering off you again!!! -Deirdre O.

I got my order today and thank you so much! I love all the pieces and I'm especially thrilled with the custom cupcake! Thanks for the cookie charm too :) It's adorable!! -Gabrielle E.

Just wanted to say I got my order and I absolutely love everything! Especially the marshmallows and the Bella bracelet! -Kimberly N.

I got your stuff more then a week ago, thank you very much, love all the stuff, got everything very quickly. -Ismat S.

I am so happy with the rubix cube and the earrings! I got them just yesterday and I love them! -Julia Antonio

I just got my ring in the mail and its wonderful! Thank you so much. -Shaeli Z

I just wanted to let u know that I just received the pink crystal ring yesterday and I absolutely love it. Thank You so much. -Alma L.

It has arrived - it looks great!  Thanks so much. I'm sure we will be a returning customer. -LA Cupcakery

Thank you so much for the order it's very pretty! You're an artist ! That's will be the best gift ever for my little sis! Shes gonna love ya ! -Allison B.

Bonjour Sheryl, Merci pour des bijoux fantastiques! J'aime bien! The tofu charms & earrings arrived ON VALENTINE'S DAY ! <3 They are all perfect and adorable and I love them oodles and oodles... Thank you so much (^_^)  -Bonnie R.

Hi! I just wanted to say I received the items, and thank you so very much! Everything came perfect! Your great! -Kirby A.

I wanna thank you for my last order! I love to wear your little masterpieces. -Bionic Kraken

I got your package! Thank you so much for throwing in the candy cane pendant and i love love love the earrings!!! -Mei Lin D.

I got the necklaces in the mail today! They look great. Thank you for your gift that you included! -Ciara H.

I cant go to church this morning without letting you know your package came this weekend and I LOVE the jewelry...i have no idea how you manage the tiny details, you must take good care of your eyes!!!! Thank you for your excellent work, and fast service!!!! -Janet B.

I just wanted to let you know the ring arrived today and it's so pretty and delicate, I love it!!  Thanks so much again!!! -Elizabeth

I just got my order to day, i love them so much and thank you for your gift. -Naranny Y.

I got my package today I love everything so much , THANK YOU. I will be buying more when I have more money -Donna A.

I received the order and the ring is beautiful!  I have gotten a ton of compliments on it already.  I work in retail and all of the customers comment on it so I am spreading the word!  Thank you so much for the cell phone charm as is soo cute!
Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future :] -Ashli M.

I just wanted to let you know I got my order, and I absolutely love it! I also noticed that you threw in a cellphone charm-- it's so cute, I love sushi!! I gave my mom the necklace today and she absolutely loved it, and says "Thank you" to you as well for making it :) -Charlene F.

Just wanted to give you a shout, I got everything today and I ADORE every single piece, you are super talented! Thanks very much and I will definitely be getting more things soon! Thanks again :D -Gabrielle E.