Sweet and Yummy Accessories by Sheryl Ng

Rings $10.50

All rings are fully adjustable for a custom fit!
Note: Rings usually require extra shipping

One Carrot Engagement Ring
She asked for a one carat ring? Well maybe she should have specified what kind ;)
This is an oh so cute engagement ring for your loved one :)
Note: The Carrot ring does not come with a guarenteed 'yes', but no doubt it will put a smile on anyone's face :D
P.S. The carrot ring is actually super cute just as a normal ring too!

(Read the true story behind the ring here!)

Assorted Funky Cupcake Rings

white sprinkle ring 

teal blossom ring

Gooey donut ring 

Strawberry cheesecake ring

.:Baby French Macarons:.

It is a common mistake to assume macarons are the same as macaroons: coconut clusters we are so used to eating. Macarons are actually a French pastry made of whipped egg whites (meringue), and flavoured with almond oil and powdered sugar. It sandwhiches a cream or ganache filling, and sometimes has a jam in the centre too! So just a light French pastry. Here is a tiny version for your hand~


~Festive Red Bow Ring~
This darling little bow is great for any occasion.

(shipping for bow rings are extra)

White Bow Ring

Simple and elegant

.Hot Cocoa Rings.
Have a steaming hot cup of coca... on your finger!! These little mugs are garnished with whipped toppings, chocolate shavings, and the good old marshmallows :) Don't worry, it won't spill when you tip it~

~Elegant Big Rose Rings~

These elegant rose rings are feminine yet bold, and definitely makes a statement.
please note: shipping costs for the rose rings are extra

Clustered Rose Ring

Tiny cluster of delicate roses, adorned with a little leaf.

Tiny Donut Ring

Candy for your hands~ A little sweet donut dotted with colourful sprinkles.