Sweet and Yummy Accessories by Sheryl Ng


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I was woken up by an annoying dripping noise one night from my bathroom. As I flipped the light on, this enormous drop of water squeezed out of the tap. I scooped him up quickly before he made his way down the drain. Drip is quiet, and happiest when dry and warm.


Bubblegum was born in a candy factory. There was a defect and the machine churned out a massive blob of gum. Luckily, she was saved just before they discarded the defective ones. Bubblegum isn’t sticky, and wont cling to you like most gum.

Grape Gelly

Grape Gelly was found on the side of a jar of grape jam, and scraped off just in time before the lid squished her. She loves to snuggle between the blankets, and hates bread and peanut butter. Not to worry, she won't smear on your face like other fruit jellies.


I was home after a hike one afternoon and found something stuck on the bottom of my shoe. To my surprise and delight, I found this little Pebble wedged tightly between the tracks of my boot.
He is smooth, soft and does not like to be stepped on.


I was strolling along the park one day after a rainstorm, and this little guy bounced off my head and landed in my arms. Droplet loves to be tossed in the air
, and does not splash or soak whatever it comes into contact with.


Ink Blot

Ink Blot was found pooled in the bottom of my art toolbox. He was carefully extracted and taken away from the dangerous suction of the paint brush. Ink Blot does not drip, smear or smudge your clothes. 


baby blobs

Loved the full sized Blobs? Well now they are baby sized so you can take them with you anywhere! These baby blobs are so tiny they're perfect to hand around your cellphone, car or bag! They are also avaliable in keychain or cellphone cords.


Square Stuff

Square stuff and Blobs are far from your traditional square cushions. They are pillows stuffed with character. They love to travel on planes and cars to keep you company the whole time. They enjoy being hugged and cuddled. They are carefully handcrafted with tender, love, and care. Due to the handmade nature of these pillows, each is uniquely different, and may vary slightly from the picture shown.


P.J. is no scary monster, he's deathly afraid of horror films and needs you to help him cover his eyes. He has stripped fannel skin, just like your pyjamas!

approx. 16.5 x 17.5 in


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This silly looking guy means business. He will scare away all bed bugs and closet monsters so you can sleep tight!

approx. 16 x 16.5 in

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O!nk is a depressed piggy who is upset because his head turned out square and not round. He likes to be comforted by being squeezed.

approx. 16 x 17 in

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