Sweet and Yummy Accessories by Sheryl Ng

ice cream cones

Cool off this summer with these lovely sweet treats!

They are perfect miniatures of your favourite ice creams.
Each piece includes a realistic textured waffle cone, ice cream, and fabulous toppings!

Small- $12.50 Large- $15.50

Mint Chocolate Chip
Everyone's favourite combo!

includes: refreshing mint ice cream, mini chocolate bars, sprinkled with chocolate chip chunks, and topped off with a piece of chocolate chip cookie.

Strawberry Delight
Sweet strawberry ice cream with the works!

includes: strawberry ice cream, a cute red heart, a mini chocolate bar, a swirled candy stick, and two detailed strawberries.

Vanilla Fun
vanilla ice cream with delicious toppings

includes: vanilla ice cream, two detailed strawberries, a mini chocolate chip bar, a swirled candy stick, and stopped off with a delicate pink heart.

Sweet Strawberry
A simple sweet strawberry treat with extra love!

includes: Strawberry ice cream, a red little heart, two delicious starberries

Vanilla Sparkles
vanilla cone swirled with fun sparkles and goodies!

includes: vanilla ice cream, little pink heart, swirled candy stick, delicious strawberry, and a sprinkle of magical sparkles!