Sweet and Yummy Accessories by Sheryl Ng

Customs 2

Custom keychains for Maitha

Mini giraffe model for Priscilla

Custom smiling kiwis for my cousin Nikki

Custom Starbucks cup with a little plump red heart for my cousin Nikki

Gingerbread man cellphone charm for Madeline

Sushi ring for Alexandra's friend

Custom cupcake for Katie's passed hamster Cupcake.

Whipped cream ring with sprinkles

Pancake with Butter Charm Bracelet for Sabrina

Chocolate dipped strawberry charm bracelet for Kaylah

Big red bow on black necklace, custom for Yvonne

Custom gingerbread man ring for Florence

Tofu block on bracelet, custom for Michelle

Pink Hot Coca Set for Colleen

Custom blue and green snail charm bracelet with rhinestones for Tim's friend =)

Clustered Rose Necklace for Caleb

Pinc Cupcake with sprinkles ring for Andrea

custom hot pink pendant on black cord necklace for Michelle

Custom Treble Clef for Stephanie's friend

Custom waffle ring with strawberry ice cream and strawberries for Joan

Mrs. Bear charm bracelet with an envelope, plump red heart, and an airplane ♥ for Cynthiaa

Custom sugar cookie bracelet for Nancy

custom cake designed by Krista from Sweet Baby Cakes

Custom keychains (tetrus, custom P&T money, P heart X bmw emblem, layered jello block)

cupcake keychains for Leah

Lipstick ring for Prety

First attempt at making a popcorn charm, though its been requested many many times!!

different sides of popcorn in my hand

Cupcake keychains for Leah

Custom marshmallow keychains for Line

Custom marshmallows for Michelle:
Marshmallow with black bow, light blue heart, and black necklace

French marshmallow with black berret, black moustache, and a loaf of browned baguette on a keychain!!

.Colourful Custom Friendship Bracelet.

.:Custom Cake made from logo:.

~Custom made Calla Lily pendant~

Custom Letter necklaces for Krreestine <3

Order for Kirby and friends :)

Includes: microphone, Mc Chicken sandwhich, Stereo, Sneaker, broccoli, and 'S' charm!

..Sweet Pink Mushroom (poison free)..

~Tiny Pot of Rose~

.:Potted Rose:.

Mini OPI

. S'more Charm .

Mini Biscuit Charm

Mr. Turtle


 Little Red Octopus