Sweet and Yummy Accessories by Sheryl Ng

Custom Orders:

Here are some samples of custom orders I have done for customers.
Please note:
Custom orders are not being taken at the moment.

Custom Samples

Monogram cupcake for Saira

Hamster Toy necklace for Rika


T-Bone keychain for Audrey

Bacon keychain for Audrey

Tiny English Scone necklace for Maegan

Custom Toto's for Nikki

Custom mushroom earrings for Nikki

Bitten green apple and cream puff for Esme and friends

smiley star earrings for Pernille

Large and Small cupcake pendants

Mini Iced Mocha Ring

Cupcake stud earrings

Smiley Toast Keychain for Katie :)

PB & J stud earrings for Katherine

Bleeding Heart Earrings for Naomi

Animated Marshmallows for Michelle

Pink Big Bow Necklace for Crystal

Custom Keychain for Audrey

Marshmallow ring with dangly heart for Nina

Chocolate glazed donut with plump red heart keychain

Anatomical Heart Necklace for Victoria

Signature marshmallow with pink bow for Susan :)

Sparkly white ballet slippers for Amy

Timmys charm bracelet for Jennifer's daughter's friend

includes: Timmies coffee and signature donuts

French marshmallow with black berret, black mustache, and a loaf of browned baguette on a keychain!! custom for Michelle

Marshmallow with black bow, light blue heart, and black necklace- custom for Michelle

Alice Inspired necklace and Jonas brother's Keychain for Mercedes