Sweet and Yummy Accessories by Sheryl Ng

Charm Bracelets

     ** All bracelets are 925 Sterling Silver Plated**
(Custom sizes available)

Baked Goodies charm bracelet:
This yummy charm bracelet looks good enough to eat.

It includes:

a decorated heart shaped cookie,
Chocolate swirl truffle
frosted sprinkled donut
oreo sandwhich
chocolate chip cookie


Sweet Tooth charm bracelet:
For the sweet tooths out there!
With all your favourite pieces:

It includes:

Rocky road brownie
strawberry cheesecake
frosted cupcake
swirl donut
wild poptart


Marshmallow Charm bracelet:
Pastel charm bracelet with all your
favourite mini marshmallows <3

It Includes: smiley blushing pastel green, pink, yellow and of course, classic white marshamallows


Donut Charm bracelet:
Mini donut charm bracelet with various decorated donuts!

It Includes: white with chocolate swirl, pink with white swirl,
pink with white sprinkles, chocolate with
pink sprinkles, and white with rainbow sprinkles!


Mini Egg charm bracelet:
smiley blushing pink, yellow, purple, blue and teal eggs with realistic egg texture


Chocolate Cupcake charm bracelet:

lavender, strawberry, teal, violet, mint, and buttercream frosted cupcakes with sprinkles on a chocolate base


Baby Chickie Charm Bracelet
Includes 7 sweet little marshmallow chickies


Assorted Cupcake charm bracelet
White frosted cupcake with sprinkles, mint chocolate ship, pink sugar, creamcheese with flower, and lavender sugar on chocolate bases


Assorted goodies Charm Bracelet:
Its a dessert feast for your eyes!

Includes: chocolate dipped strawberry, rocky road brownie, mint chocolate chip cupcake, original smiley marshmallow, and realistic chocolate chunk cookie


Yummy charm bracelet:

Includes: hot cocoa with marshmallows, blueberry crepe, rocky road brownie, swirly pink donut, strawberry cheesecake, and pink sugar cupcake


Love Dessert charm bracelet:

Includes: Plump pink heart, original marshmallow, chocolate chip cookie, rock road brownie, white cupcake with sprinkles