Sweet and Yummy Accessories by Sheryl Ng

Baked Goods

Baked Goods by Pinc Stuff is a line of sweet and yummy accessories created by Sheryl Ng. These tiny creations are all carefully handcrafted and baked to perfection. The decadent desserts are made to resemble the real treat so they can fix your craving without the calories! These baked goodies won't go bad, so you can feast upon them with your eyes anytime :)
Note: Due to the handmade nature of the items, products shipped may vary slightly from photo.

**All charms can be made into necklaces, phone straps, magnets, or keychains**  (please specify when ordering)

Mini Coffees $10.50-12.50


Bow + Pearl $10.50

Avaliable in black, white, and red, pink, or a custom colour upon request.
These are cute and dainty little earrings that will make you look like a lady!

Ice Cream Cones $12.50-15.50

The Pinc Stuff summer ice cream cones are here!!

click to check out all the flavours and details

Note: Cones are placed flat because they are on display. Normally they have pointy bottoms :)

~Whipped Cream Peaks~ $8.50

These whipped cream charms are beautifully swirled, and decorated with coloured pearls, rhinestones, and crystals. They're the perfect treat for the sweet girly girl in you! Best of all, won't melt or lose their shape! These little white peaks will stand the test of time :)
(All Pincstuff charms come with necklaces or your choice of cell phone straps or keychains)

Cute Sets $18.50

Mini Hamburgers
With browned buns, lettuce, ketchup, cheese, and of course, the beef!

Warm Cinnamon Buns
  drizzled with icing and sprinkled with cinnamon~

Cupcakes $10.50 (each)

Yummy Cupcakes
(all charms come with free necklaces)


Everyone loves walking into a bakery filled with colourful cupcakes. Here is a batch of tiny delicious cream cheese frosted cupcakes :) These sugary treats are swirled to perfection with the brightest colours to add a touch of sweetness to your day!
(Custom colours and combinations are welcome!)

Special Pinc Items


.:Festive Cupcakes:. $10.50

Gooey cupcake with decoration      Red Velvet cupcake with hearts    Pink Cupcake with heart candy

Donut Sets $20

Go nuts for donuts! Don't we all love sinking our teeth in to a soft donut with a sweet mouthwatering glaze?These newly created donuts look just like the real thing, but a fraction of the size.
   Strawberry Marble                  Chocolate Glaze                     Vanilla Marble           
                         Chocolate Marble           Powdered donuts with jam filling                  

Pop Tarts $10.50

Backed by popular demand, Toaster Tarts are still avaliable!
Necklace charms: custom flavours avaliable

Large Toaster Tart Keychains (custom colours avaliable)

Caution: Candy for your eyes only. Not suitable for children under 6 years of age.
Due to the handmade nature of the items, products shipped may vary slightly from photo.