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Posted on July 12, 2011 at 2:55 PM

Made some Pinc Mochi for the first time! (real and edible)

It was reallyy sticky and hard to handle

Hello everyone,

Long time no blog! A lot of updating to do, so don't mind the bits and pieces of things I chuck at you!

For the first time in a long time, I actually have the summer off. The last time I had a free summer was after 1st year university, which was the inception of Pinc Stuff. All the other summers were filled with summer school, part-time jobs, and volunteering. Last week on the 7th was Pinc Stuff's 5 year anniversary. I didn't host a giveaway like I normally would have because I was very unsure Pinc Stuff's future and next steps. It's hard to believe that I've been running Pinc Stuff for 5 years now

The past year has been a year of tremendous change and growth for me as an individual. I was no longer a student, and as cliche as it sounds, I was trying to find my place in the world. I was trying to find out who I really was as a person, and where I was headed. I kept Pinc Stuff running the best I could, except when I had to work in Korea over the summer, and when I landed this teaching gig 3 months ago.

With my newly discovered faith in God and Jesus, I feel like I have a better sense of where I am headed, and want to say thank you to each and every one of you who have stuck by me (like the mochi I made!) every step of the way. After getting my hands busy making PInc Stuff again this afternoon, I realized how much I missed making Pinc Stuff (really), and decided that I want to reopen for the shop this summer.

Thank you again for your encouraging words and kind messages, I appreciate all of them!



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Reply Jill
12:49 AM on July 13, 2011 
Thanks for the email. I'm glad you're back and pursuing your passion. I work full-time and craft for fun. I can't imagine trying to run a full-time business along with a full-time job. LOVE your bow-tie and pearl earrings...very cute and stylish. I can see them being right at home with a black cocktail dress!
Reply Jeannie
5:54 AM on August 10, 2011 
Just now finding you via YouTube!! You do amazing, amazing work!!! I'd love to feature you on my blog! Please let me could open up some business for you!

Reply Shelyn
11:53 AM on August 12, 2011 
Thamks for the update. I was just wondering if you could email me when the stocks for the pillow are available as I desperately need one for my friends birthday. Thank you and well done to the awesome job you have done!!!
Reply marwa
1:13 AM on August 20, 2011 
is their anything free?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Reply Frank
8:10 PM on October 15, 2011 
are the ice creams real?
Reply Maddie
11:54 AM on October 21, 2011 
How do u make mochi???and please start taking personalized orders
Reply Stefy
9:31 PM on October 22, 2011 
looks yummmmmy! what flavor is it?
Reply Icing princess
11:33 AM on November 12, 2011 
Ohhhhh! your christian aren't you? this is awesome! i love it! :)
Reply Kimberly Tyree
8:37 PM on December 24, 2011 
Hello. I have come across your web site several times and I REALLY like all the things you make. I enjoy watching your videos. I think you are a really talented person. I wish I had money to buy things from you. Anyway, everything you make is just so darn cute and awesome. I really like all the jewelry you make like the earrings. My 3 year daughter wears that kind of stuff. Just yesterday I happened to come across your web site again and saw that made a hamburger necklace and some earrings. I watched the video and thought that was cool. But I have seen those kind of earrings before because my daughter has a pair of those and a pair of earrings that does have the hamburgers, the fries, and drink on one earring. The fries look just like McDonalds fries. I bought them at a store called "Claires" . But I really enjoy every thing else you make. Everything is so tiny-wow! I can't wait to see what else you make. Sincerely, a Fan.