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Posted on December 13, 2012 at 10:35 PM

Picture of Kevin O'Leary and I

I used to be SUCH a big fan of Dragon's Den, and occasionally caught an episode of Shark Tank as well. So when my dad pointed out that Kevin O'Leary (who i sometimes listen to on cbc)
was at a family wedding we went to one night, I totally freaked! I was SO excited to see him in real life, I never thought it would happen!

I took a deep breath and walked over. I tried to keep my cool but all that came out was 'HI KEVIN, I'm a HUGE fan of yours, CAN I GET A PICTURE?!' I must have sounded like a crazy stalker... But he was super nice, and I have to say, it totally made my night. I half expected him to be rude like his TV persona. Stupid me was looking away cause I had my sister take a picture on my iphone. Anyway, how cool is his pink tie huh?

My friend asked me if I asked Kevin to invest in Pincstuff worth $1 million. Haha, I thought about it, but I think he would have said "Your evaluation is insane, and for that reason, I'm out" LOL!

Anyway, I realized I've been completely missing in the cyber world. I miss you guys a LOT, and I'm alive!!! Adult life has just taken over and time sure goes by FAST when you're BUSY!! With the holiday season right around the corner, it reminds me of the all the little baked treats I used to make. So I posted them up for your viewing ^^ Anyway, miss you all very much, definitely miss talking and sharing with you guys on ze internet, but will try to update again soon! Hope you are all well!

Sending lots of love your way, whatever way that may be~


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Reply Past friend
9:01 AM on December 28, 2012 
Great to see you doing so well Sheryl :) I've been reflecting a lot and just wanted to stop by and remind you to never let go of your passions! I wish you well moving into 2013. All the best and I hope one day pincstuff will re-open,
Reply Iaros
2:05 PM on April 3, 2013 
Hi Sheryl its me again!!
So are those three pictures of your brother, your sister, and you?
(in the section of paintings)