Sweet and Yummy Accessories by Sheryl Ng

Sheryl Ng

PInc.Stuff began in my dreams to make the world a little sweeter. In 2006, after finishing first year in art school, I decided to put my 5 months of summer into good use. I made pillows as gifts for some friends during Christmas 2005, and decided to make some more. One thing led to another, and the PInc. line of pillows were born.

Aside from pillows, my
love for sweets has driven me to start my own business, and share my yummy creations with others
. I combined my interest in crafting with my sweet tooth, and baked up a storm. Soon, Baked Treats emerged and grew in popularity. They are all carefully handmade by me, and baked to perfection. Since then, Pinc.Stuff has been featured in popular sites all over the internet, and worn by women around the world.

Today, Pinc. Stuff still runs as a one-girl operation. I work on Pinc.Stuff while studying full time in university, and have essentially become the face of Pinc Stuff. I am the designer, creator, PR, customer service, photographer, distributor, hand model, book keeper... and everything in between! It sure is hard work doing it all myself, but I love every bit of it. I want to keep making my ideas into reality, and make the world a 'pinc er' place. 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Feel free to look around and stay a while!

All the best,
Sheryl Ng                         
Founder of PInc.Stuff

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What did you study?
A: I studied Visual Arts and Education in university and graduated in June of 2010. I have a BFA and a BEd and plan to work as a practicing artist or art teacher in the future. I want to share the joy of art with others, and allow them to see the beauty of art. There are many things I'd like to explore, but I would definitely want to work within the creative field.

Q: Did you take classes to make these things?
A: No, everything I've made is self taught. My love for creating things drives me to experiment and try new things. Sometimes it takes many tries to get a new product just right.

Q: Are Baked Stuff suitable for dollhouse decor?
A: Dollhouse miniatures are generally at a 1:12 scale. There are amazingly talented dollhouse artists out there whom I admire. However, not being a dollhouse fanatic myself, I wanted to make customized jewelry and accessories that people could wear out instead of keep in a dollhouse. The pieces are fun to wear, and sweeten up anyone's day! It makes me happy to know that people around the world wear my jewelery, and that they put a smile on their faces.

Q: Can you eat it?
A: No, as sweet as the Baked Goods look, they are candy for your eyes only!

Q: Is Pinc.Stuff available in stores?
A: Not yet, but maybe someday! So keep an eye out for them ;)

Q: Are your products manufactured?
A: No, all items are handmade by me and only me. It is a lot of hard work being a full-time student, but I enjoy it.

Q: How durable are the baked items?
A: The charms very strong and durable when fired. It will keep its shape, and last long. However, thin and fragile pieces may chip, so always be cautious, and store in a safe place.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: All packages are shipped via Canada Post and packaged with bubble wrap for protection. Shipping costs start at: Canada $3.50, United States $4.50, and International $5.50. Prices may vary for larger items. 

Q: The handwork on your products are beautiful. Have you considered doing cake decorating?
A: Cake decorating is something I've always wanted to try! I would love to create edible goods that look and taste great. So yes, one of these days you might see ‘edible PInc.Stuff’! 

Q: When did you start on Youtube?
A: I started making videos on Youtube in December 2007. I was inspired by several makeup gurus who taught people how to do makeup. I've always loved makeup art, and took an interest in beauty and fashion. My channel includes girly stuff: shopping hauls, makeup tutorials, beauty tips, personal insights, and of course, Pinc.Stuff!